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Returning Client
Please note that your reservation is not confirmed until we contact you via email or
phone.  Our office will send you an email stating whether your reservations have been
confirmed or if we are unavailable to take your dog for the requested time.
If you do not receive an e-mail confirmation from
us within 72 hours - please phone us.

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    Diet from home no charge, or feeding our diets at $2 dogs, $2 cats daily additional.
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    If more detailed info is needed, please use the Comment Section below.
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Have more than two pets?   Please put their info in the Additional Information box below.  Tell us the name, breed, age, weight, color & sex

Reservation Request 
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If multiple pets not sharing, please indicate additional accommodation requests in the Comment Section below.

After or Before Hours?   (Additional Fees Apply)
Grooming on last day?  
Grooming Request?   (indicate what grooming services you wish to be done) If multiple pets - indicate in Comment Section which & what grooming services requested.

Additional Services  
Tuck-In/Cuddle Sessions $5 ea. dog/cat Which Pets?
Additional Play Time  $5 ea. dog/cat Which Pets?
Add-On's - Daily Charge for dog/cat Which Pets?

  Additional Information - Please inform us of any information that has changed since your last visit, such as a new pet, new vet, new email address, new address, new phone numbers, have your day care dates changed etc.


  Comments & Requests:


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We do require a copy of your pets' current vaccinations.
You may fax your updated vaccination records to us at - 
(651-882-2215) or you
may bring them with you to check-i

Office: (651) 882-2211
Fax: (651) 882-2215
4020 Old Sibley Memorial Hwy.
Eagan, Dakota, Minnesota 55122